Pilates Foam Roller

The Pilates foam roller is a simple piece of equipment made of high density foam. It is basically foam cut into a cylinder shape. With a similar affect to the traditional Swiss ball, the foam roller provides an unstable surface to exercise on.

The Foam Roller – A Deep Tissue Massage Every Day

The foam roller is a simple but incredibly effective tool for personal daily stretching, massage and pain management from muscular tightness and structural imbalances. Several months ago I was introduced to the foam roller by an excellent Chiropractor who, like me, believes not only in doing body work but in getting to the root of the problem and working with people for a home program to help them help themselves on a daily basis.

Physical Therapist Foam Roller Exercises Great For Overall Fitness

Physical Therapists focus less on exercise routines and more on the framework of the body and restoring functional movement and health. Foam roller exercises are becoming a staple of physical therapy and are rapidly making their way into the elite training programs of professional athletes and coaches. These ‘regeneration’ exercises are just as valuable for the casual exercises as they are for the professional football player.

Using A Foam Roller For Recovery

Myalgia or muscle discomfort is incredibly typical for beginner athletes and people who work out with heavy equipment, since probably the most widespread causes for the condition is overuse or over-stretching of muscles. Muscle pains can trigger severe discomfort and are normally the reason why people lose the determination to work out or even do anything beyond moderate physical activity. This is as a result of the fact that by the time you recover from myalgia, you’d have already lost that initial excitement in the idea of obtaining good health.

Loosen Up With a Foam Roller

Many of us experience pain associated with trigger points and adhesions due to stress and inflammation. Using an inexpensive foam roller is an effective way of breaking up these movement restrictions so that the body can perform in top condition.

How To Use Foam Rollers And Benefits

Foam rollers act as extremely useful fitness equipment that fitness enthusiasts can use for taking care of various soft tissue injuries. Half an hour on this equipment can substitute the need for any massage therapist and can help in saving substantial amount of money. Runners are to benefit particularly from the use of the rollers to give relief to their sore and stiff leg muscles.